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Internal rules


Basic Patient Rights

Health services may be provided to a patient only with his or her free and informed consent, unless otherwise provided by Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on Health Services and Conditions of Their Provision, hereinafter referred to as “the Act”.
In addition, the patient has the right to:

  • Respect, dignity, consideration, care and confidentiality during examination, interview, procedures and transport to and from the ambulance,
  • being informed in an understandable way and to a sufficient extent about their health condition and the proposed individual treatment and any changes to it,
  • the provision of health services at an appropriate professional level,
  • choose a health care provider and request consultation services from another provider (“second opinion”),
  • be informed of the Internal Regulations and other regulations that apply to the health service provision scheme,
  • the continuous presence of a legal representative, foster parent or person entrusted with the patient’s care; the continuous presence of a guardian in the case of a patient with limited legal capacity; the presence of a close relative or a person designated by the patient, provided that their presence does not interfere with the provision of health services,
  • be informed about the cost of services not covered or partially covered by public health insurance and the method of reimbursement, if their health condition allows it,
  • know the names of all staff directly involved in the provision of health services,
  • refuse the presence of persons not directly involved in the provision of health services, including students,
  • to receive visitors with regard to his/her health condition, in accordance with the Internal Regulations and with respect for the privacy and rights of other patients,
  • to receive spiritual care and spiritual support,
  • to the providing of medical services in an environment that is minimally restrictive while ensuring the quality and safety of the services provided,
  • get information about other services and possible social services that can improve their current or future health,
  • a patient with communication problems caused by health reasons has the right to communicate in a way that is understandable to him or her and to choose the means of communication, including interpretation by another person,
  • a patient with a sensory or physical disability who uses a dog with special training has the right to be accompanied by the dog in the healthcare facility.

Duties of the Patient

When being provided health services, the patient (legal representative, guardian) is obliged to:

  • follow the proposed individual treatment procedure if he or she has consented to the provision of health services,
  • abide by the Internal Regulations,
  • pay the cost of health services not covered or partially covered by public health insurance or other sources that were provided with his/her consent,
  • truthfully inform the treating health care professional about the current state of health, including information about infectious diseases, health services provided by other providers, use of medications, including substance abuse, and other facts relevant to the provision of health care services,
  • not to consume alcohol or other addictive substances during the hospitalisation and to undergo, at the decision of the attending physician, in justified cases, examinations to prove whether or not he/she is under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances,
  • to protect the patient’s property from theft and loss, the patient is obliged to notify the ambulance staff that he/she has larger cash or valuables with him/her.
  • the patient, the patient’s legal representative or guardian, a close relative or a person from a common household are obliged to prove their identity with an ID card at the request of a healthcare professional. A person who claims the right to health information is also obliged to present his/her ID card.


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